3rd National Conference Territorial Energy Climate Plans

3rd National Conference Territorial Energy Climate Plans

On the occasion of the 3rd edition of the PCET conference, ADEME and its partners gathered in Strasbourg and over 2 days more than 500 elected participants, economic and social actors, media … The objective being to take stock of the results the first generation of CFEPs, on future regulatory developments and their impacts and on future ambitions and the means to achieve them.

For this high-stakes event, our agency was chosen to stage the plenary sessions (video editing, camera recording, filming and scenography), to broadcast them live on the Internet and subsequently on ADEME’s DailyMotion channel.

We also realized more than 25 video topics upstream of the event but also on the spot: testimonies in territories, micro-sidewalks, syntheses of the workshops.

Our contribution was also made to the multimedia plan with three emailing campaigns for 10,000 contacts: invitation to follow the symposium live on the Internet, revival at D-1 and post-event communication to address the targets to the center dedicated resources where also the videos made by us.

Our services

  • Scenography of the plenaries
  • Opening / End credits & jingles
  • Documentary
  • Live broadcast online
  • Documentary
  • Pushmails pre and post event
  • Dedicated website

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