How to support the digital transformation of its concessionaires through a new program

How to support the digital transformation of its concessionaires through a new program

The network of exclusive Xerox dealers in Europe is 339 partners representing nearly $ 800 million in sales.

80% of them have less than 10 employees and almost half have no marketing or digital resources in-house.

Caring to support them in their digital transformation to strengthen their competitiveness, and based on a survey showing that 67% of reseller websites need graphics, ergonomic and editorial improvements and are not suitable for mobiles and tablets, Xerox and Dixit have devised a new program to enable them to benefit from a turnkey website of the latest generation at a very competitive price.

We developed a “site factory” under WordPress, which has the particularity of being flexible enough to allow a high level of customization. This platform is hosted on two dedicated and secure servers (a main and a backup), guaranteeing an optimal level of service.

The program also offers a content platform in 11 languages ​​allowing dealers to automatically display on their website all products, solutions and services of the manufacturer, with a regular update without intervention from them.

To ensure the optimal deployment of the program across Europe and to provide the best service to dealers, our agency assist them on a daily basis with a dedicated multilingual project management team (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German ).

This program was awarded by ADETEM (National Association of Marketing Professionals) in 2017 in the category “BtoB Marketing Excellence”.

Our services

  • Development of multisite and multilingual website design platform
  • Development of the content syndication platform in 11 languages
  • Development and integration of the website presenting the offer in 5 languages
  • Design, integration, development of partner websites
  • Hosting
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics

Our clients

Xerox and all the European dealers who have joined us since the beginning.

Prizes and awards

Prix Excellence Marketing BtoB

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