Grand Challenge Point.P Normandy: seven months to boost sales!

Grand Challenge Point.P Normandy: seven months to boost sales!

To cope with the sluggishness of the construction market, the Regional Directorate Point.P Normandie wanted to organize a business challenge for its 14,000 customers but also its 71 outlets.

On the strength of our first operation, which concerned the Eastern region in 2010 and led to a 30% increase in turnover, the Normandy region showed its confidence in us to adapt the operation to its territory.

The peculiarity of the device lies in its very simple principle: all purchases in store reward with points that can be converted into gifts.

Accelerators are also set up every month: the Point.P network supplier brands offer additional points on certain products.

For this challenge to be a real success, it is animated every month via personalized mail campaigns to registered participants, who discover both their status in terms of points and potential gift but also the accelerators of the period.

No less than 550 gifts are available on the website dedicated to the points acquired, enough to satisfy all desires.

To note, a personal space where one finds each month its progression in purchases and in gift points all supported by a personalized video where Annabelle, charming muse of the contest, delivers personalized advice to motivate the competitors.

Similar mechanics apply to outlets that also earn gift points based on the revenue growth of their registered customers.

In summary, we designed the branding of the challenge, its device, its mechanics, the gift gallery, the dedicated website, the mail campaigns, the videos and the brochure of the challenge and ensure throughout the period the animation and management of the operation.

At the end of the challenge, the winners see appear in their interface the ability to create a shopping cart and select the gift of their choice, which will be sent to them a few days later.

Our services

  • Concept and mechanics of the challenge
  • Branding
  • Brochure and posters
  • Pushmails
  • Gifts
  • Website
  • Private area with interactive video
  • Video production
  • Hosting
  • SEO

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