Benevolence in business, utopia or reality?

Benevolence in business, utopia or reality?

This “one page” website made by our agency, presents in French and in English the authors, their book, offers an excerpt for download and access to the online shop sites.

It also allows everyone to understand the subject in its entirety through the video module where the authors answer 7 key questions.

Paul-Marie Chavanne and Olivier Truong draw the portrait of tyrannical leaders and formulate advice to reconsider the individual and allow it to be fully realized. They reveal the keys to success for managers who reinvent relationships at work and spread benevolence.

The book has benefited from the contribution of renowned experts and sociologists such as Eric Albert, Frank Bournois, Laurent Choain, Raphael H. Cohen, François Dupuy, Philippe Gabilliet, Quy Huy, Emmanuel Jaffelin, Bernard Ramanantsoa and Maurice Thevenet.

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